Our Managed IT Services provide a platform of expert technical service staff and high-performance infrastructure systems that work as an extension of your permanent staff for IT needs.

This platform is founded on customer stability and security, backed by industry appropriate SLAs to prioritize critical systems up-time. Together, managed by our experienced technical staff our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly into your office environment. As a part of this service, we also streamline, optimize and document critical systems and applications to lower your total cost of ownership.

Our project and specialty services options help you optimize how and where applications or infrastructure upgrades and system expansion should be performed. If full replacement or a new office construction is your goal, our team can provide the varied expertise and knowledge required. Once these components of your system are documented and optimized, we will evaluate the ideal situation and hardware required to perform the necessary work and transition your systemse appropriately.

Our Managed IT Services are provided to accomplish specific client needs and can include any or all of the following services:

  • First look resource planning to determine your needs as a business (vCIO)
  • Discrete practice oversight
  • IT system management and governance (HIPAA compliance)
  • Resource capacity planning
  • Hardware selection and customized on-boarding services
  • Necessary and relevant industry knowledge
  • Documentation processes aligned to provide clarity to your system
  • Performance reporting and benchmarks builtin
  • Scaling resources up or down
  • New office and software switch planning and execution
  • Quality assurance of deliverables
  • Process improvement consulting and implementation
  • Development of hardware road map with baseline metrics based on industry